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August 17, 2012


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Great article--thoroughly enjoyed it! Canada Dry is my go-to tonic around the house. I was just gifted a bottle of Tomr's tonic syrup--need to play around with that before forming an opinion. I did a similar shootout with gins for G&Ts, but it wasn't a blind tasting. That's here if'n your interested: http://inuakena.wordpress.com/spirit-reviews/gin-fight-at-the-okole-maluna-corral/
Cheers! - Josh

Wow! Neat, that's an exhaustive rundown! Saving for future reference.

Nice writeup on tonics. If I'm going on the more inexpensive end, I find Schweppes, Canada Dry and Polar almost to be interchangeably acceptable.

Have you been able to try some of the Liber & Co or Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. tonic syrups? There's an impressive amount of range among them right now. I find that a lot of the ones I prefer seem to be not far off the Morganthaler formula for homemade tonic.

Aaron a.k.a. The Gin is In

great read, here at Gin & Tonic Friday we will we be on the hunt for some Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

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