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July 05, 2010


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Here's my airline cocktail kit:


The most important ingredient is that "friendly flight attendant," as serving yourself alcohol onboard a plane is technically a violation of the Federal Avaition Regulations. I've only had one actually protest, and I think she might have been in training or under review. But it can happen.

True dat -- I should have mentioned that the alcohol (with the exception of the vermouth and the Angostura) was purchased from the airline. I had a bottle of better whiskey than the Jack Daniel's with me, but the FA mentioned that I wouldn't be allowed to drink the booze that I'd brought on board and had to buy it from them. No biggie.

And John, whoa! Nice inflight Negroni. I've never seen a miniature of Punt E Mes.

Fabulous idea!

Technically the bitters are not booze, because they're non-potable; that's why they can be sold in grocery stores in most states that have liquor-control laws. (learned this one during our Seattle years.) You could go a long way even without the Carpano, but it's a delightful addition. :)

I thought i was too much of a geek to travel with mini angostura bottles for plane need.
You really took it to the next level!!

who could have thought :)

I enjoy your commitment to high class drunkenness, especially at such altitudes. Nice going.

Hey Sam, check out my post on the Modern Travel bar and Traveling like it is 1960 post for more ways to beat the system and enjoy mile high cocktails.



Another option: John's Premium Tonic syrup (http://johnstonic.weebly.com/) in a small vial, in flight purchase of club soda and gin. Yum! And NO HFCS or otherwise junky tonic water.

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