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October 19, 2009


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A simple combination which I concocted years ago and is issued in the German Mixology Magazine (issue 5/2009).

1 2/3 oz. Martini Bianco
2/3 oz. fresh lemon juice
2/3 oz. simple syrup
12-15 fresh leaves of basil

Sir all ingredients with crushed ice in serving glass.
Garn. lemon-twist

Excellent MxMo! I was just thinking about vermouth as a cocktail unto itself on Saturday. Looking forward to the recipes submitted!

A MxMo theme I can really get behind! My submission can be found here.

Nice theme. I've got two drinks, the Green Lantern with Dolin Blanc:

and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Carpano Antica:

Thanks for hosting!

Hi, nice theme, here is my entry:


Thanks for hosting!

Here is my submission!



My post on the Cornwall Negroni: http://www.foodonthebrain.net/2009/10/26/mixology-monday-vermouth/

As requested, here is RumDood.com's submission. TALLY-HO!


Something tells me you won't be struggling for entries this month. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

My little contribution can be found here.

Thanks for hosting!

J / the Old Town Alchemy Co.

Hi everybody,

Enjoy my post and the Nylkoorb Cocktail. http://cocktailwelt.blogspot.com/2009/10/mixology-monday-vermouth.html

try to translate whit google! Greatings from Germany

Here is my contribution:

Felicia's Speakeasy is a rebel as always - blame it on Leah's root canal this time - but the Ithaca Negroni is a real treat:


Thanks for hosting!
Amelia Sauter, aka Felicia

Here's my entry:


Cheers for hosting Sam!

Here's my entry about the Nineteen:


Thanks for hosting!

Here's mine: http://drinksnob.wordpress.com/?p=340&preview=true

Crap! I meant to give the non-preview link: http://drinksnob.wordpress.com/2009/10/26/mxmo-xliii-vermouth/

The Franco-Italiano

1 oz. each Gin (Plymouth); St. Rapheal quinquina; Cynar. Stir over ice, lemon twist.
A bittersweet Negroni variant substituting an aromatized wine from France in place of the usual sweet Vermouth.

Bertessa's vermouth, sake, and dill vodka cocktail for this MxMo: http://is.gd/4DpOr

Thanks for hosting!

My submission for MxMo Vermouth is the Visconti:


with hours still to spare...



We got Satan's Whiskers for Halloween. Couldn't decide on sweet or dry vermouth.


Awesome hosting-- i was thinking about the Star Cocktail too-- but with Calvados...

Here is my submission!

Squeaking in under the wire: the Chrysanthemum.

Thanks for hosting!

Here's my posting on the Martiki!

I'm a little bit late, hopefully not too much!

Sorry we missed this one. We didn't find out about it until last night. Good luck with the roundup! -Paul @ Steve

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