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July 24, 2009


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I hate to say it, but that Gimlet video was startlingly poor. Bad video quality--the horizontal blinds introduced a lot of video noise. Low audio--with my speakers on high and the YouTube audio all the way up, I still could barely hear the guy. And a whole lot of rambling and hemming and hawing before demo'ing the recipe. 45 seconds into the video before he even talks about the drink. C'mon, a script please?

Not a great branding tool for Edible Manhattan, I'd have to say.

Speaking as someone who edits video for a living, you make excellent points, all of them.

I liked that he mixed Rose's and fresh-squeezed lime juice -- Gimlets have joined the ranks of Sidecars and Old-Fashioneds (et al.) as cocktails I don't order unless I have absolute confidence the bartender is up to the task. I've had too many bad ones -- either cringingly sour, made with vodka, served on crushed ice, or tooth-meltingly sweet -- in this town to feel like I can chance it at the average bar.

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