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July 31, 2009


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Tony - great meeting you and a fun time! Excellent re-cap, though I'm pretty sure I did hear you whisper "that goes on the hot tamale train" at one point. ;-)

Robert Haynes-Peterson
NY Drinks Examiner

It's 'the Doyne.'

yeah, my last name is definitely doyne, but you can call it doyne's doyle.

I stand corrected. We weren't sure, so I took a guess. Which, naturally and of course as per Murphy's Law, was wrong.

So, it is fixed. Congratulations, Mr. Doyne. This month, you are surely Doyne the doyen.

how long is the drink on their menu for? Also do you know who I should contact or who will contact me so I can get the prizes?

Alex: Check your email.

actually, I believe they're still calling it the Doyle, even though Doyne was the last name.

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