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November 14, 2008


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Screech is a Newfoundland rum that's renowned for being...well...harsh and awful. Numerous reviews have stated that it's unique and just not enjoyable, although I've heard that they reformulated no too long ago to make their rum more palatable to the general market.

I think that any liquor that has a Wikipedia disambiguation page distinguishing it from a "Saved By The Bell" character shouldn't belong on this list.

also, on Googling Perique, I remember that I've heard of it before and am very curious about it. Wine of Pines also sounds interesting, but I may have to pass on the cough syrup.

I had to ask about the screech too, I also did a little homework and apparently there is a ritual in a lot of the waterfront bars which involves drinking a shot, reciting a phrase and kissing a fish in order to become an honorary newfoundlander, that reminds me of somthing else, I'll be back once I've dug it up

Got it;

Check THIS out, http://www.sourtoecocktailclub.com/
this should definitely be on the list.

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