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August 14, 2008


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What other cocktails do you think could benefit from a dash or two of the rhubarb bitters?

That's actually a really good question, and one that I run into with most bottles of bitters that I pick up.

I think the rhubarb would go well with any fruity cocktail or classic sour, or something that would need some astringency. This bitters (and the Fee's grapefruit bitters) both have a citric-acid bite, but with that depth and oomph that only bitters can provide.

oh man, think what you could do with using tequila por mi amante instead of the vodka....

one of my favorite tricks--and pardon me if you already know this one-- is for delicate flavors like strawberries, infusing in the refrigerator. it brings out all the delicate perfume-y elements and allows for a really bright infusion. it's sort of like the opposite of making tea... instead of heating, or even leaving at room temperature to produce a fast bold flavor, cooling it down allows it to take its time. anyway, this sounds like a really nice drink and i'll totally give it a try come strawberry season!

That's a neat trick; I hadn't heard of it. Thanks!

Similar to the case of cynar, I imagine that rhubarb bitters would go great with chartreause. Say, for example, a cynar-and-something flip with a few drops of rhubarb bitters stirred in. just a thought. Personally, I'll be making Chartreuse pavlovas with rhubarb bitters mixed in with the strawberries (Chartreuse only in the meringue).

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