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March 03, 2008


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Interesting anecdote...I like a blogger with principles. Thanks for all the absinthe links, too, I had no idea the green fairy was making a comeback, although the hype is likely to exaggerate myth (the hallucigenic properties, etc) over the reality (it's just a very alcoholic, and sweet, beverage). Can't beat the motif, though; dan nardicio is even holding an absinthe d card party around st. patty's, in fact, although their sponsors (like the new Bulldog gin) are likely to get poured in far greater numbers.

Yes indeed. I'm not a big absinthe fan (not being big on anise flavors), but the sheer amount of all the dippy hype surrounding it is annoying. Any hallucinogenic or other odd effects are far more attributable to drinking something that's 120+ proof than it is the thujone. And all the dick-swinging about thujone content and "absinthe kits" where you infuse vodka with wormwood are just plain silly.

Thanks for writing!

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