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January 17, 2008


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The whole bruising argument is undoubtedly nonsense, but shaking a Martini really aerates it, ruining the silky smooth elegance that for me makes a Martini.

Talk of "bruising the gin" from someone with a straight face usually alerts you to the reality that you're dealing with a nincompoop.

I tend to go with the CW on this one -- drinks that are solely alcohol, with no juices or anything else get shaken, everything else gets stirred. One important thing worth noting, though, is that most bartenders don't shake OR stir long enough to get the cocktails truly good and cold...and when stirring, one must stir for longer than one would shake in order to get it to the proper glacial temp.

Now see, this is the kind of insight I was hoping for!

Seriously, that's why I read this blog.

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