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January 26, 2008


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I had one of these in Melbourne last week. It was divine.

Try putting a little rosemary in it next time.

Death in the Afternoon is one of my favorite champagne cocktails. It has wonderful apearance - loks like opal... I think it is very male drink.

MrBaliHi, A "VERY MALE" DRINK?!? I'm offended!
I had several of these on July 4th. I prefer it half and half...but if you do that, you'd better go easy on them!
Aren't you glad you don't have to go to Italy to buy LaFee anymore?

Death in the afternoon is a very interesting cocktail. I love a good glass of champagne and I adore the way absinthe makes me feel although the taste of the stuff does not appeal to me. Put them together and you have a superior cocktail indeed. The champagne seems to tame the godawful taste of the absinthe and the bubbles give the whole thing a nice little kick. It's actually become my favorite cocktail although I must admit it is pricey to concoct. Use a quality champagne and a decent absinthe. I wouldn't even dream of using one of the wannabe absinthe subsitutes. I would love to walk into a high end club and order one of these...also, I reccomend using a classic
champagne and not a fluke.

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