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December 15, 2010


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I see the hole in the middle and I was hoping they formed in layers and were clear. No such luck, I guess.

They do form in layers, I think -- it lowers twelve very cold metal pipes into a tray of water, and the ice forms around them. Selecting the size basically just lets you specify how thick the ice should be before it turns off the refrigerant and kicks the ice off the pipes and dumps it into the bin.

The first few batches of ice seem to be totally clear, and smaller cube sizes seem to be clear as well. But yeah, this stuff comes out cloudy and kind of brittle. They cool down pretty well if you put them in the freezer after they come out of the ice maker, as long as you keep them from sticking together too much.

I recently bought this ice maker a few months ago and I’ve hosted a few small parties since then. It’s worked great for me, especially when I put the ice in the freezer after it’s been made.

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